We are a transformation consultancy driving growth within fashion, luxury and retail

Our Approach


  • Facilitators and creators
  • A community of 25,000 connections across fashion, retail and media
  • Portfolio of 5,000+ startups, technologies and creatives, with 1,800 partners
  • A global ecosystem of scouting partners, including educational institutions, accelerators, incubators and investors.


  • Researchers and strategists
  • Attending and speaking at 100+ industry events per year
  • Studying 200+ leading B2B news sites daily
  • Use of multiple qualitative and quantitative research sources
  • Hosts and editors of our weekly podcast and editorial content
Every project we work on is possible through our combination of strategic intelligence and community of industry contacts, top technologies and creative partners from around the world. This is why we call ourselves thinkers and builders.

Clients include

Why work with us

  • 01

    In-house vs. Partnerships

    By building solutions via partnerships, brands are able to keep experiences up to date after launch, without further investment.

  • 02

    Giving teams speed

    Working with startups for the past decade, our analysts know how to quickly devise reliable and efficient timelines.

  • 03

    Market Advantage

    We have access to newly-developed technologies as well as to teams with the capability to create new solutions that are first to market.

  • 04

    Competitive Pricing

    We are able to guide teams to solutions at a variety of price-points, allowing brands to access top technology while staying within budget.

  • 05

    Providing Scalability

    We test tech ideas with a viable plan in place to quickly scale them in case of a successful pilot

  • 06

    No tech for tech's sake

    We start with strategy and research on the changing-consumer to guide us to ideas that works for your brand at each market.