Adding Value

Gaining insights

Leveraging and harnessing data is at the core of successful business today. This is about customer acquisition and retention, as much as it’s about optimizing the customer experience.

Driving engagement

Increasing brand engagement is a constant objective for the industry. We tap into marketing opportunities for customer interactions as well as driving footfall into stores.

Increasing conversions

We work to increase conversions and average order values by creating more efficient and seamless shopping experiences for the customer.

Enabling efficiencies

Ensuring operational efficiencies is about enabling businesses to run things as cost and time-effectively as possible. Our tools drive better output from manufacturing through to sale.

Reducing impact

With sustainability top of mind across the industry, we also help businesses reduce impact by focusing operations through the supply chain as well as via stakeholder storytelling.

How we do it

Our consultancy work with industry-leading brands is fuelled by an unparalleled network of innovators from all around the globe. This enables us to bring you ROI through three different models:

Curated Partners

Off-the-shelf solutions from our curated database of over 1,800 innovation partners

White-labeled Solutions

White-labeled existing solutions, uniquely developed to fit your needs

Bespoke Builds

Bespoke-built technologies created in collaboration to make you first to market

Are you an innovator, tech company or entrepreneur with a product fit for fashion, retail and luxury? Do you want to be part of our curated partners or work with us to deliver brand new solutions to the market?

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